Sandra Bland: video released from inside county jail leading up to hanging

20 Jul

African American woman, 28, died in custody three days after Texas traffic stop in which supporters say dashcam images show trooper was agitated

Texas police have released video taken from inside the county jail during the last minutes of Sandra Bland’s life as activists claimed that the traffic stop that led to her imprisonment escalated into a confrontation because a trooper was angry that she was smoking.

The footage is three hours long but does not provide a clear view of cell 95 at the Waller county jail, where officials say the 28-year-old was found hanged on 13 July, three days after she was arrested for alleged assault on a public servant.

The camera is motion-activated and stops recording after 15 seconds without detectable movement, according to authorities, meaning there is more than nine minutes of time unrecorded. The inside of cell 95, at the end of a hallway and in the top right corner of the picture, is not visible. Officials said that the tape showed there was no movement down the hallway to Bland’s cell for the 90 minutes prior to her body being discovered.

Continue to video here

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