Multiple soldiers killed in Chattanooga attacks

16 Jul

BREAKING: The lockdown has been lifted at Chattanooga State Community College, but the campus will close for the day.

Spokeswoman Eva Lewis said the campus was being closed for the day out of respect for the families of the victims, and in recognition of the emotional day for students’ parents and the students themselves.

Chattanooga State’s campus on Amnicola HIghway will return to a normal schedule on Friday, Lewis said.

Two military centers in separate parts of Chattanooga were attacked today by unknown gunmen, leading to lockdowns at local hospitals as well as the Army Recruiting Center on Lee highway as well as the Naval and Marine Reserve Center at the Chattanooga Riverpark, where shots were fired.

Four marines and one police officer were shot, but there is currently official no word on their condition.

One shooter is dead, according to news reports, and police say this is no longer an active shooting situation.

Witnesses at both sites reported hearing multiple gunshots in each case.

President Obama has been brief on the situation, and multiple law enforcement agencies have responded to the scene, including the FBI.

Carolyn Taylor, who works at Binswanger Glass across Amnicola Highway from the incident site, said she heard what sounded like over 100 gunshots.

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“It was eight, 10 rounds at a time,” she said. “Several people were shooting.”

Taylor said the police arrived and took the employees behind the building and later let them back inside.

She said the business was still locked down more than two hours after the shooting and police were bringing food into the employees.

At Lee highway, witnesses also reported hearing multiple gunshots.

Nicholas Donahue, an employee at Desktop Solutions, said there were two groups of four to eight shots.

Another witness said he saw the shooter drive away at high speed after the shooting there.

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