Blogger critical of Gov. Scott says he’s being threatened by FDLE

01 Apr

BOCA RATON, Fla. — A blogger known for being critical of Florida Gov. Rick Scott says he is being “harassed at home” by members of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

Daniel Tilson says he got an unexpected visit from a state agent after posting something sarcastic online. Tilson said “The Magical Mystery Tour,” a song by The Beatles, was the inspiration behind a blog post on Context Florida he entitled “Gov. Rick Scott’s Magical Mystery ‘Tax Cut Calculator.'”

Tilson was being critical of a tax cut Scott was promoting in Tallahassee. “The annual savings average is $40 – $43 per person,” said the blogger from his Boca Raton home. “That’s the big tax cut, and I said, well, this is like ‘The Magical Mystery Tour.’ This is not reality. It’s almost surreal.”

After he took to social media with his commentary, two days later, he said, an FDLE investigator based out of Miami came to his door to ask questions about the blog post. When he wasn’t home, they left a card, so Tilson called the investigator. “I asked the inspector, ‘How, once you guys connected the dots between the [blog] title and the song lyric, how can you take this any further?’ And she laughed again. She laughed more than once and said, ‘That’s not my decision. I was told to come to your door.'”

FDLE provides around the clock security for the governor. Samantha Andrews, a spokesperson for the FDLE, released a statement that said, “FDLE agents will always err on the side of caution when judging the context of a blog, email, or other posting. FDLE could have better evaluated the post and is speaking to all regions to ensure better coordination in the future.”

However, for Tilson, FDLE has only given him more useful material. “They didn’t err on the side of caution, they erred on the side of idiocy. They erred on the side of arrogance.”

WOW….. smh… isn’t that against Amend#1 and #4?….. Has the Pres declared martial law ? I think everyone is an idiot and is trying to sell something that doesn’t benefit me…. are they gonna send a FDLE agent to my house? Really now?

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