AG Eric Holder arrives in St. Louis

20 Aug


FERGUSON, Mo. – Attorney General Eric Holder has arrived in St. Louis and will travel to Ferguson, Mo. Wednesday in reference to the investigation of the fatal shooting of Michael Brown.

Holder is expected to meet with Ferguson community officials in early afternoon.

Holder will later meet with the FBI. Sunday, Holder called for a federal autopsy of Michael Brown. Previously, the St. Louis County medical examiner as well as anindependent autopsy by Brown’s family have been completed.

Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson fatally shot Brown August 9. According to the preliminary findings of the independent autopsy, Brown was shot at least six times with one fatal shot to the top of his head.

The FBI is conducting an investigation to look at civil rights violations in the shooting as well as help local enforcement in the shooting investigation. Saturday, 40 FBI agents were deployed to help canvass the neighborhood where Brown was shot.

Early Monday morning, Mo. Governor Jay Nixon activated the Missouri National Guardto help with the security of Ferguson. Sunday night, the second night of a curfew, protesters turned violent with gunshots and tear gas being thrown in the area to disperse crowds.

President Obama said that he hoped the guard is used in a limited and appropriate way in Ferguson, and said he would be watching over the next several days to ensure that the guard is helping rather than hindering progress.

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