Canada Gives Ebola Vaccine for Africa, but How Will It Be Used?

14 Aug


The Canadian government said Wednesday that it would donate about 1,000 doses of an experimental Ebola vaccine to the World Health Organization, a day after the group endorsed the idea of using untested treatments in the outbreak in West Africa.

Meanwhile, the experimental treatment ZMapp arrived in Liberia Wednesday to treat two doctors who are infected with the virus. Its manufacturer has said ZMapp supplies are now exhausted, but doctors treating a leading Sierra Leone physician who died from Ebola said Wednesday theyconsidered giving him the drug before it was used in two American aid workers, but feared it could trigger a dangerous immune response and did not administer it.

But with experimental vaccines on their way and treatments fast-tracked, there remain questions about who should receive treatment and how.

Untested Ebola drugs ruled ethical


It is ethically appropriate in the midst of a deadly contagious epidemic to try both untested treatments and experimental preventative vaccines that have shown some promise in animals and no safety issues. But with only 1,000 doses of vaccine available, who should get them? And what do they need to be told?

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