Fmr. Dem NJ Gov.: Democratic ‘Power Brokers’ ‘Trying to Interrupt’ Investigation into Christie

13 Jan

tate Sen. Richard Cody (D-Livingston), a prominent New Jersey politician who served for a short time as the governor of the state, took a swipe at the unelected “power brokers” in his party on Monday. Cody said that New Jersey Democratic vote-getters are attempting to derail the investigation into potential abuses by Republican Gov. Chris Christie and his staff.

“Not too many legislators work with Governor Christie,” Cody said when asked what it is like to work directly with the governor. “He doesn’t interact with legislators.”

“From what I’ve seen and heard, he can be very vindictive,” he continued. “If you don’t agree with him on an issue, you do something he doesn’t like, he’s very punitive with you, and he’s going to try to stamp you out and get you a message.”

“But doesn’t he have a broad coalition of support?” Andrea Mitchell Reports fill-in host Peter Alexander asked.

“You’re talking about he’s involved with Democratic power brokers, not members of the legislature,” Cody replied. “And they deliver him votes, simple as that.”

“In my opinion, those power brokers are still trying to interrupt this investigation without question,” Cody alleged. “So there’s a movement afoot, has been for a while, to stop this whole thing and stop it cold.”

Watch the clip here

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