‘Duck Dynasty’ Fans Are Sending Me Ridiculous Hate Mail

23 Dec

Some people did not like my recent article about Phil Robertson, star of “Duck Dynasty.”

Phil Robertson

In the article, I noted problems with Robertson’s comments that go far beyond the idea that homosexuality is a sin. Robertson said blacks didn’t seem unhappy about oppression in the Jim Crow-era South; he blamed Pearl Harbor on the failure of the Japanese to accept Jesus; and contrary to his protestations, he hates gay people. I don’t think any of that is O.K.

I got dozens of letters taking issue with my claims.

Some of the letters are hilarious and some are sad, like the father who says “I have 3 boys and one of my greatest fears is of them growing up LGBT.” But they all reflect the fact that hateful bigots are a large market segment and political bloc, which is why Phil Robertson has so many fans and defenders.

Finally, a minority subset of the letters came from Christians who seemed more interested in informing me of my sin than in insulting me, and who wanted me to know that when Robertson said gays and lesbians were “full of murder,” “heartless,” “senseless” and whatnot, he was just paraphrasing Romans 1. Why this is supposed to make his sentiment any more acceptable or less hateful, I do not understand.

Now, to the mailbox:

#1 says Business Insider is destroying America:

Pinhead and self styled intellect, Josh Barro sounds like a manure salesman with a mouth full of samples.

Why not try and report “real news” instead of “creating news” with personal opinion, lies and outright spin?

Business Insider along with the “Josh Barro’s of the world” should get out of the library and see the real world as the USA sinks into an abyss of ultraliberalism, political correctness where everyone is offended, socialism, and Saul Alinsky Marxism.

I can see your corporate boardroom now a bunch of dumbed down DNC voters, educated by indoctrinators in the dysfunctional Teachers Union public school system, wearing bow ties, suspenders, long hair in some cases, spice up the image of a super liberal with some John Lennon look alike glasses !

TOMBSTONE ……………………………………….. AMERICA 1776- 2013 R.I.P. “You were defeated from within by dumbed down voters, liberalism, socialism, Marxism, and political correctness!”

Note to General George Washington: “Your work was all in vain, it was squandered by idiots!” Business Insider is part of this decline!

#2 says I’m Bull Connor, Al Sharpton, Adolph [sic] Hitler, Barack Obama and the A&E executive team, all rolled into one:

Here’s what I know, after having read your column:  you’re an ignorant, hateful, hate-filled, ill-informed, bigoted, racist heterophobic bully.

Just to be sure, let me repeat that for you:  you’re an ignorant, hateful, hate-filled, ill-informed, bigoted, racist, heterophobic bully.

Just like the executives at A&E.  Just like Bull Connor.  Just like Al Sharpton.  Just like Barack Hussein Obama.  Just like Adolph Hitler.

#3 has a few requests. He would like lesbians to talk more about how lesbian they are, because that turns him on. But when gay men talk about being gay, his mind immediately turns to vivid gay sex scenarios, and that makes him want to puke. So, he asks that gay men do him the courtesy of not disclosing our sexual orientation, just as he is respectful to us by not wearing his “Pussy Eaters Pride” shirt outside the house.

If I were a betting man, I’d wager this guy has never been within three feet of a vagina:

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