25 Domino’s Workers Fired For Complaining About Wages Will Get Their Jobs Back

13 Dec
A weekend protest outside Domino's.A weekend protest outside Domino’s.


The 25 employees at a New York City Domino’s chain who said they were fired for complaining to company management that they were receiving far below minimum wage as tipped servers will get their jobs back, per an agreement with the New York State Attorney General’s office. The franchise is still under investigation for labor violations.

“Because of this agreement, 25 workers will be back to work in time for the holidays,” Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said in a statement. “New York’s labor laws exist to ensure the protection and fair treatment of employees in the workplace. My office will take swift action where there is any indication that an employer may have retaliated against workers for complaining about illegal labor conditions.”

The fired staff said Domino’s forced them to perform tasks like cleaning or kitchen work for the low tipped minimum wage of $5. Employees who make the tipped wage are supposed to make up the difference with the regular minimum wage in tips, but not when they are asked to work for no tips.

For months, protesters around the country have called for a living wage for the fast food workforce. Tipped servers have not seen any federal minimum wage increase in 20 years, and the federal floor stands even lower than in New York state at $2.13 an hour.


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